Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Workbench Progress - Lucius Pattern Drop Pod

Hey everyone, as promised I finally managed to get some pictures of my Space Wolves Lucius Drop Pod on here for you to see along with my Crimson Fist Lucius.

I still need to do the weathering on the Crimson Fist Lucius but otherwise it’s done, I have to say that the Lucius is not a difficult models to construct but it can be hit and miss  how much cleaning and filing you need to do.  The Space Wolves one needed straightening which was not unusual for Forgeworld but two of the pylons were miss cast so the two halves of each looked misaligned so lots of filing and sanding and green stuff was required before construction could start.  This time the casting was good so it was just the warping that needed fixing before I could start painting, in preparation for construct I masked off a few key contact points before I set to undercoating everything.

Once the undercoat was dry I got to work applying  Mccragge Blue  to the pylons and doors and Leadbelcher to all the exposed metal work , I then cleaned up the black areas and added the rivet and Aquilia details.  Once all this was done I added a shade layer of Argrax Earthshade to each rivet and the Aquila’s then a generous coating of Nuln Oil over the metal work.

Just to finish I painted the guide lights on the ramp Mephiston Red and gave them a lick of gloss varnish.

I now have ten Sternguard and one Dreadnought left to paint and 24 more days to get them done, I don’t see it being a problem so be sure to check back soon to see my workbech updates leading up the the tournament.

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