Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Dreadfleet - Skabrus

Good morning all, I sat down with the intention of just getting the base colours on the Skabrus but then I just got carried away and finished it in one evening.  The truth of the matter is that it was mostly base colours and washes so once I had finished getting those base colours on it really did not seem worth leaving the washes for another day.

I started with the seascape base as the internal organ details of the Skabrus are also on the base, I gave the guts a coat of Mephiston Red and then a shade of Druchii Violet, then I moved onto the water, this is where I paste in the usual instructions for doing the water so if you have read my other Dreadfleet posts you can skip the next paragragh.

The base was first painted in Macragge Blue, then I dry brushed in Altdorf Guard Blue followed by Calgar Blue and finally a very light dry brushing of White Scar.  The whole base was now washed in a shade mix of equal parts Nuln Oil, Drakenhof Nightshade and Biel-Tan Green and then given a coat of gloss varnish once it was all dry.

The main bulk of the Skabrus is skin so I applied a liberal coating of the base colour Rakarth Flesh, Then I used Balthasar Gold and Leadbelcher on the metal details and Mournfang Brown on the decking.  I then added a layer of Ushabti Bone to the exposed skeletal detail along with the teeth and spines.  To finish off the base colour work I gave the mast a coat of Steel Legion Drab and the flag a lick of Mephiston Red.

It was now time for the shades/washes I used Seraphim Sepia all over the skin avoiding the teeth and spines, then I used Nuln oil on the small amount of leadbelcher details like the bell and Argrax Earthshade on the Red and Gold details.

After all that was done I realised I had forgotten the tail so I added a dry brush of Altdorf Guard Blue and then gave it a wash in Nuln Oil and that was everything done.

All the ships from the Dreadfleet are now finished so only the Swordfysh and Seasdrake are left unpainted which is great news as they are both my Favorite Ships and will be great fun to paint.

With a bit of luck my Forgeworld order will turn up Wednesday or Thursday, I will have to proxy a few models in my tournament list test game on Wednesday night but thats not a problem, I will draft in my Space Wolves Lucius Pod and a few Grey Hunters as Sternguard.

I will do an un-boxing post when my Forgeworld bits turn up so check back soon.

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