Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Workbench Progress - Space Wolves Drop Pod

Hey everyone, I see that my Tau posts have taken some serious hits and have acted as a distraction so I can get some hobby progress done.  I managed to finish my 1st Space Wolves Drop Pod last night, I still want to add some re-entry burns and weathering but I will wait until all 5 Pods are finished so I can do all the weathering at once for continuity purposes.

Like my Stormraven I started by airbrushing the main chapter colour on while the parts were still on the frames using Fenrisian Grey, I already have some blue Space Marines so I did not want to go with the blue/grey of The Fang or Russ Grey.

My desk looks very tidy

I then clipped off all the bits and cleaned up the joins and painted all the details.

I was one or two bits away from completing the build and one of the square bits that acts as a sort of key stone between the pilons pinged off, I figured it had just fallen off my desk so as my desk and the room were tidy I would have no trouble finding it.................how wrong I was.  I took that room apart looking for that one bit for about an hour. Finally I figure to hell with it and by this time a mate of mine was over wanting a game of 40K so we had our game and as I was packing up many hours later I found that bit stuck to me............DOH!!!!!

I think the paint job came out nice and sharp, very new looking but the weathering will put an end to that.

As my list has so many Drop Pods and they generally sit on the table all game I really wanted them to look cool and I think I have managed that.

Well that one down 4 more to go, the other 4 are built with their interiors already painted as they were pre Badger airbrush, I have now added the chapter colours externally so its just the metalwork and detail left on them so It wont take me long.

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