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Massive Narrative Game - The Reclamation of Dayloroth

Man it's been a quiet week on the hobby front, I have been taking a bit of a break, well more of a down shift after having spent the thick end of 6 months furiously painting marines and terrain in time for the big game I ran last weekend. 

I started writing down some ideas for a huge narrative team game back in September 2012 just around the time I decided I was going to take the plunge and buy a 4x4' Zone Mortalis board and  six Realm of Battle tiles.  I contacted a few mates and was able to set the date February 23rd 2013, this now gave me about 6 months to get all my terrain painted as well as some extra Marines to boost my three squads from a very 5th Edition five men to a more 6th Edition ten.

I looked at everything that needed doing and broke it all down into smaller projects, The Mortalis Tiles needed to be finished before December 25th then I would paint one Cityscape tile a week with a view to finishing by the end of the 1st week of February, then the reaming days leading up to the game would be spent painting fifteen space Marines and one Terminator Librarian. 
Now thanks to some friends of mine who helped me do some painting here and there the Mortalis project was finished 3 weeks early so that meant the cityscape tiles were all finished several weeks ahead of time also.  I then blasted through the Marines and was sitting down with a little over a week to go with nothing to do so I finished my Thunderhawk Gunship.

Now back to the game, I wanted this to be a big welcome to the Chaos codex as two of my Mates are Chaos players, I wanted it to be a battle of good Vs evil. 

The Chaos side would consist of two Chaos Players and one Dark Eldar, yes I know about the allies but bear with me, the Imperial side would comprise of me and my Imperial Guard who would be joined by a Craftworld Eldar and a Grey Knights player.

I set the force restrictions as 2000pts per player no allies or Fortifications but double Force org was permitted, also all allies such as the Chaos Marines and Dark Eldar would be treated as allies of convenience until they decided to break their parlay. There were one or two exceptions which saw my Guard being able to take the Aegis Defence Line and Quad-Gun and due to concerns over the number of available models Chaos were given the option to go over there points limit within reason.

The battle would take place on my Citryscape table which would play the part of the Planet Dayloroth while the Mortalis table would act as the planets orbital defence station. 

Dayloroth has been chosen as the target of a Chaos invasion force that has torn it's way from the warp without warning. With no time to respond the planets void capable vessels are caught off guard and powerless in the face of such a massive fleet.  The planets ageing orbital defence station is boarded and captured with the loss of all hands.

With all void defences assumed destroyed the PDF (Planetary Defence Forces) mobilise to fortify the capital city against the coming assault, the planets Governor orders an immediate request for assistance be transmitted, the message is sent only moments before every Astropath on the planet inexplicably dies.

 Imperial deployment

The Chaos forces begin to make planet fall and muster their traitorous human auxiliary’s at the city limits determined to dash themselves against the Imperial defenders ahead of the Chaos Space Marine assault.  Over the coming weeks the Chaos forces tighten their hold on the capital until only the PDF's elite veteran guard remain defending the Governor’s once proud halls of governance.

Chaos deployment

It is now on the 11th hour that help arrives in the form of a Grey Knight, Crimson Fist and Eldar task force, setting aside their obvious differences the Grey Knights and the Eldar make planet fall and attempt to turn the tide of battle.  Meanwhile a Squadron of Crimson Fist Attack craft launch a lightning strike against the orbital station, with its defences and communications disabled the assault to recapture the station begins.

Now with the scene set I wrote a mission brief for each player that involved them completing certain narrative driven tasks to gain victory points during the game, which let’s face it was going to be complete anarchy and would likely end in a Chaos victory in the traditional sense at least.

I likened this to the missions used in the board game Risk, for those of you not familiar with this game it basically involves all out global war but each player has a very specific personal mission to achieve that can lead to victory rather than fighting a battle of attrition.

The missions were very race specific and I took a lot of inspiration from the codex fluff and the 40K novels that I have read, but anyway lets take a look at the battlefield objectives both on the planets surface and the station. 


Battlefield Objectives

Orbital Station Objectives

Generator - The Generator is situated deep within the super structure and supplies power to the entire station, this is the primary objective and is worth 3 Victory Points, and unless you are issued with rules to the contrary the Generator has no in game effects.

Planetside Objectives

Primary Objective – At the games end your team will receive 3 Victory Points for capturing the following.

1)       Fuel Pipe Line - Central Sector

Secondary Objective – At the games end your team will receive 2 Victory Points for capturing each of the following.

1)       Imperial Statuary - Eastern Sector (page 105 main rules)
2)       Imperial Statuary - Western Sector (page 105 main rules)

Tertiary Objective – At the games end your team will receive 1 Victory Points for capturing each of the following.

1)       Generatorum - Eastern Sector
2)       Generatorum - Western Sector

I have decided to end today's post by taking at the Chaos Space Marines secret mission brief and include a few pictures of the Chaos Space Marines and Traitor Guard in action.

Chaos Marines

Chaos Space Marines Primary Mission - Your Chaos Lord has made a pact with the dark Gods to hasten his daemonic ascension and the planet Dayloroth will become the bloody crucible in which the souls of an entire planet will burn.

Your Chaos Lords ascension will commence once the total number of allied Cultists and or enemy models killed by the Chaos forces reaches 50, he will immediately transform into a Daemon Prince and you will receive 3 Victory Point.

Note: your chaos Lord must re-roll the Dark Apotheosis result on the Chaos Boons chart if rolled as he is bound by the aforementioned pact.   

Chaos Space Marine Secondary Mission – Any champion within the Chaos forces who achieves the roll of Dark Apotheosis on the Chaos boons chart will grant you 2 Victory Point.

Chaos Space Marine Tertiary Mission – For every 50 infantry kills made by or suffered by the chaos forces after the initial 50 required by the Primary Mission 1 additional Victory Point will be awarded.

Force Org Notes:
4000pts+, Double Force Org is allowed but no named HQ models or Fortifications, your force should be a mix of both Chaos space Marine and traitor Guard units, mark one Chaos Lord model and your supreme force commander.

You may Field 1 Super Heavy unit that is “not a titan”.

The Traitor Guard forces are under your direct command but your Dark Eldar allies while having joined you in this common goal continue to act outside of your command, should these Xenos filth show any sign of treachery you are authorised to exact bloody revenge with Blade and Bolter.

Chaos tightly packed ready to do battle.

Chaos Artillery ready to hammer the Imperial lines.

Chaos bikers holding the stations generator, yes its a toy we found at the hosts house :)

Chaos prepare to repel the imperial boarding party

Chaos laying a smack-down on my Crimson Fist Hammernators.

Chaos cultists eager to meet their maker.

Chaos Rhino convoy gunning for the imperial lines.

A defiler taking revenge on my Guardsmen for shooting him up with their Lascannon.

Chaos super heavy addvances on the Eldar Web Gate and deploys some Ogryns.

Chaos finally over run the imperial forces but they put up a brave last stand before being destroyed.

Next time I we will look at the Dark Eldar Missions and some more cool pictures of the battle.

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