Friday, 22 March 2013

Massive Narrative Game - Imperial Forces

Hi everyone, no more Tau pictures yet so I figured I would get out the last of the pictures from the big game last month.  I used my Crimson Fist Space Marines and Imperial Guard Veterans, I did not write myself any narrative missions and instead decided to play to the main battlefield objectives while helping enable the other players on both sides achieve their missions.

Crimson Fist Space Marines

Librarian x1- Mastery Level 2, Force Sword, Terminator Armour and Storm Shield
Assault Terminators x5 - Thunder Hammer and Storm Shield
Dreadnought - Plasma Cannon, Heavy Flamer (forgot to deploy him)
Tactical Squad x10 - Power Sword, Plasma Gun, Heavy Bolter
Tactical Squad x10 - Power Sword, Plasma Gun, Heavy Bolter
Tactical Squad x10 - Power Sword, Plasma Gun, Heavy Bolter

This force would deploy from the Thunderhawk and Stormraven, the stormraven would remain docked unlit what time I needed to abandon the assault on the station and return to the battle on the surface, the Stormraven was later joined by a Storm Talon Gunship escort.  The Thunderhawk would not take part in the game but there was an exception to this rule.  If on the main table it looked like things were getting so crowded that someone was unable to deploy a key formation or a unit combination had become broken I would send the Thunderhawk on an attack run to restore balance via the medium of the emperor's wrath.

It turned out that I did need to use the Thunderhawk to help destroy the Traitors Super Heavy and clear the Eldar Warp Gate of enemy infantry, while I swooped it across the table a mate of mine played flight of the valkyries on his phone.

My Marines were gunning for the station objective while at the same time acting as a massive distraction to the Chaos Marines to help our Dark Eldar player complete his missions. Eventually I could not hold out long enough for the Dark Eldar player to get his act together so I implemented a fighting retreat back to the docking bay.  A full Tactical Squads then embarked on the Stormraven and along with the Storm Talon set cause for the main table. 

The Tactical Squad deployed using the skies of blood special rule landing right on target next to the Eldar Warp Gate while the Stromraven and Storm Talon went on the hunt for enemy flyers.
 The Crimson Fists will deploy from their flyer transports that are docked at the station.

 It's worth mentioning that I totally forgot to deploy my Plasma Cannon Dreadnought and he played no part in the entire day............fog of war :(

 The Crimson Fists will deploy from their flyer transports that are docked at the station.

 Three ten man Tactical Squad deploy from the Thunderhawk and then five Assault Terminators and a Librarian in Terminator Armour with a Storm Shield deploy from the Storm Raven minus Dreadnought.
 This picture looks wicked and can be seen on my Flickr feed.

 The Chaos Marine forces move to cut off my escape from the docking bay.

By the games end only a hand full on Marines remained on the Mortalis table to secure the docking bay, a further full squad returned to the main table in the Stormraven.

Imperial Guard

Aegis Line - Quad-Gun
Company Command Squad - Lascannon
Commissar Lord - Power Fist
Veteran Squad -
Lascannon, Flamer
Veteran Squad - Lascannon, Flamer
Veteran Squad - Lascannon, Flamer
Veteran Squad - Lascannon, Flamer
Veteran Squad - Lascannon, Flamer
Veteran Squad - Lascannon, Flamer
Vendetta Gunship
Rough Riders
Hellhound -
Multi Melta
Leman Russ Squadron - Lascannon.
Manticore - Heavy Flamer
Hydra Flakk - Heavy Flamer
Shadowsword - Hull Heavy Bolter

My imperial Guard were the first line of defence and spread their units across the full 6 foot width of the main table, it was their job to draw as much blood as possible during the opening bombardment and then hold the line while their allies launcher surgical strikes.


Now its worth mentioning that part one of that plan worked really well and during the 1st turn my Guard managed to kill about 100 enemy models and then about 50 on turn two.  So things were looking good, I weathered some fire and my Eldar and Grey Knight allies weighed in causing all sorts of trouble, the only Grey knight units on the table at this point were a Rifleman Dread and some Interceptors.

The bulk of the Grey Knight army and I use the word bulk very loosely consisted of 10 Terminators embarked across two Stormraven Gunships which did not arrive until maybe turn three.  The Imperial forces fought hard and kept racking up the kills safe in the knowledge that the Grey Knights would soon arrive and take the fight to the enemy.  When the Stormravens finally arrived I was off having a turn on the Mortalis table and could not really see what was going on or offer any advice, but I hear that the skies were not yet under our control and several enemy Vendetta's were in the area.  The Grey Knight player decided to zoom his Stormravens into a hot LZ (landing zone) rather than having them instead act as skimmers and boosting for a 4++ jink save, they were subsequently shot down with a lose of all hands....................................the Grey Knight reinforcements were down and out, I later heard this was the reason for our Eldar player shouting BROKEN ARROW! across the room at me.

When I returned my focus tot he main table the mood was glum, we continued to fight as hard as we could through to the end of turn 5 maybe 6 but without the reinforcements our right flank was overrun and the battle lost for the imperial forces and their allies.

On the plus side I am now writing a sequel game :)


 The Imperial Guard Leman Russ Squadron might look deadly but They did not seem to last very long due to overwhelming enemy fire.

 This Vendetta managed 3 strafing runs and each time it killed more than its points worth in confirmed armour kills.

 My Infantry were all veterans and held a solid front line the full width of the battlefield and it was not until the final few turns that anyone actually broke through my lines.

 The Cadian Mounties are ready for launching a counter attack.

 This Hellhound lasted longer than it ever has before and managed to burn about 35 guardsmen before it was finally destroyed.

 Look a Dreadknight, proof that the Grey Knights were there on the day.

 The 2nd sighting oh the Grey Knights.

The Manticore was worth it's weight in solid gold and managed to get 3 of its 4 missiles off before its position was overrun.

So thats the last of the big game reports, you all have a good weekend and I will post back if any interesting 40K news comes to light.



  1. Great batt rep - Do you think 12 tiles is enough for a zone mortalis game ?

  2. I now have enough to make a 4x5' table and I still find 4x4' is just right, you can play at 1000pts as intended or push it to 1500pts with ease.

    You might find 3x4' a bit small and lets face it if you can afford 12 tiles you might as well front £350 and go up to 16 :)