Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Massive Narrative Game - Dark Eldar

Hello and welcome to the 2nd part of the narrative game missions breakdown, today I am looking at the Dark Eldar.  I will start by apologising for there being so few pictures, the Dark Eldar did not seem to have much of a battlefield presence despite having 2000pts to spend, I don't pretend to know what goes on inside the heads of Dark Eldar players :)

Well lets have a look at the mission brief that I gave to our Dark Eldar player......

Dark Eldar Primary Mission - The Secret location of a Webway Portal has been identified on the surface that will enable you to get on board Dayloroths Orbital defence Station, this Portal is a one way trip.  You will be awarded 2 Victory Point for locating and capturing the Webway Portal, you will receive an additional 3 Victory Points if the Webway is still under your control at the games end.

Dark Eldar Secondary Mission – Your Archon has set his/her sights on the orbital station and the Archeotech held on-board, once stripped for parts back on Commorragh it will fetch a small fortune on the black market, anyone found on-board will be forced into slavery or sent to fight in the gladiatorial areas for the entertainment of the masses.

Your mission is to gain access to the Orbital Stations Power Generator and have a Homunculus move into base contact with it, this will enable you to integrate an Archeotech device you which have in your possession that will harness the power of the Generator and open a massive Webway Portal which will consume the entire station, you will receive 2 Victory Point if this mission is completed.

Once your mission is completed the station will begin its transition through the Webway Portal and into low orbit around Commorragh, measure 6” in from the defenders board edge at the end of each player turn for the remainder of the game to represent the stations gradual transition through Portal until the entire board has been consumed.

Dark Eldar Tertiary Mission - Any non Dark Eldar unit that finds itself behind the measured distance is removed from play with no saves of any kind permitted, the Dark Elder player receives 1 Victory Point for each  unit destroyed this way.

Note: Dark Eldar units may continue to operate as normal either side of the line.

Force Org Notes:
2000pts+, Double Force Org is allowed but no named HQ models or Fortifications, as Homunculus models are mission critical I suggest you include more than one and offer them protection enough to complete their missions.

You are not bound by the command structure of your Chaos allies and are free to act as you see fit in order to achieve your goal, but beware as the Chaos forces will not suffer your treachery lightly.

Dark Eldar Reavers looking for a fight.

Reaver making their way towards the Web Portal.

Dark Eldar holding their Web Portal at the games end.

Another Jetfighter picture for a lack of any other pictures.

Well sorry again for the near total lack of photographic evidence of the existence of the Dark Kin but I can assure you they were on the battlefield sneaking about somewhere :)

Next time lets have a look at my mates Craftworld Eldar as there are loads of cool pictures of them, a dying race? I think not.

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