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Massive Narrative Game - Craftworld Eldar

Good day to you internet readers, I am feeling uncharacteristically positive today so let’s jump right in to the Craftworld Eldar special missions from the big game and then get a look at the models.

I wanted to have the Eldar missions to be very passive aggressive, as an Eldar player myself in 5th Edition I know as well as any Eldar player that standing your ground and absorbing fire to hold objectives is not really something that Eldar do well. 

I came up with idea that the Eldar know more about this world that any of the other races and that they have foreseen the many possible outcomes, I needed their missions to be achievable even if in the end every Eldar model has been destroyed.


The High Council of Seers on Craftworld Aka Lugganath  have spent many a mortal life time travelling within the infinity circuit exploring and the myriad skein of possible futures.

Dayloroth is no ordinary planetoid, among the Eldar these worlds are known as Lilaethan or Maiden Worlds. 

A planet once devoid of life that over millennia has been seeded with the fundamental building blocks needed to create a stable atmosphere and eventually a bio-system that would sustain complex life.

Over the eons invading colonies have been found on these seed worlds but with the arrival of Chaos forces in the sector the issue of reclamation has gained momentum, should this world suffer the taint of the Great Enemy it would be forever lost.

The decision was made to influence the coming conflict via more direct means, an emissary was sent before the ruling imperial Governor and a parlay was agreed.  With safe passage to Dayloroth now secured a powerful Strike Force would be deployed to assist in the ground war.

The imperial forces are an ally of convenience in this endeavour and must never know the greater importance of this world, victory against the Great Enemy and all her servants must be obtained no matter the cost to your forces and to those of your allies.

All non Craftworld Eldar forces should be considered invaders………….

Primary Objective – In order to call upon your reinforcements you must locate and capture the Webway Gate that is located in this sector, you will receive 2 Victory Points for locating and capturing the Webway Gate, you will receive 3 additional Victory Points at the games end if the Webway Games remains under your control.

Secondary Mission – Once you have secured the Webway Gate it activated and remains this way for the duration of the game, it is now time for you to call upon your ultimate weapon, the young king has given rise to the Eldar War God, the Avatar of Khaine. Once the Webway Gate has been activated begin to roll for your reserve units, once the Avatar becomes available you will receive 2 Victory Points.  Your Avatar arrives via the Web Gate along with and as part of the court of the young king formation.

Tertiary Mission - You must ward this planet against any warp born taint, during the games 7 turns you must attempt to have a Farseer visit each of the six 2’x2’ board sections, at the games end you will receive 1 Victory Point for every section visited.

Note: This can be carried out in any order and by using any number or Farseers though each board section will only award its Victory Point once.

Note: during a turn in which a Farseer visits a board section a D3 re-roll tokens will be awarded, you can assign these tokens to any allied or enemy units that are located on the same board section, simply place a token next to the unit and apply the re-roll at a time of your choosing at any point during the game.  Each board section will only give its re-rolls once during the game and a Farseer can only activate these re-rolls on one section per turn by starting it’s movement phase on a board section.

Force Org Notes:
2000pts+, Double Force Org is allowed but no named HQ models or Fortifications also include a point’s FREE Avatar and Court of the young King who must be held in reverse and must enter play via the Webway Gate.

Webway Gate objective made from A4 Foamex boards, sanded, sprayed white and mounted on a flyer base.

With all the imperial armour I have kicking about it was hard for the Eldar to find a parking space.

The dreaded Warp Hunter prepares to lend its firepower to the first turn bombardment.

Eldar Jetbikers race towards the enemy.

An outflanking Hornet gets the drop on a heavy weapon team.

This Eldar flyer was on loan from me, its not finished yet but it was a must have in a big game like this.

Eldar try to clear a path for their reserves to arrive.

The Avatar and his court arrive but can they hold on.

Not long before the game ended the Eldar had cleared the area of many of the enemy but just out of shot several rhino's filled with Chaos Space Marines were on their way to lend a hand.

So I think you will agree there are some great pictures there, next time I will cover the Imperial Gaurd and the unfortunate Grey Knight forces.

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