Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Hyperios Air Defence Platforms

Good day to you all, as planned I made one last big push to finish my Birthday Hyperios Air Defence Platforms, they really just needed their shades and weathering adding so one episode of the The Following and Criminal Minds later they were done.

I first gave them an undercoat of black and then used my old Airbrush a base them in Macragge Blue.

I then Added the metal detail using Leadbelcher and Bathlasar Gold.

I used Mephiston Red as a base for the missiles and blacked out the targeting sensors and added a gloss varnish to them.

 The shades were then added using Agrax Eathshade on the blue gold and red areas and then Nuln Oil over the gun metal. 

 Once all the shades had dried I sponged a 50/50 mix of Rhinox Hide and Abaddon Black on to the edges of the blue.

Finally I added some Leadbelcher to the weathering and the rivets and blasted them all with matt varnish, oh and then re-glossed the targeting sensors.  With regards to spray varnishing I have always had issues with using it outside as the temperature and humidity is such a problem but indoor spraying is now possible with my portable spray booth.

I look forward to shooting down some flyers in my opponents turn so my Stormraven and Talon have a better chance of shooting stuff up.

Well that's all for today folks.

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