Friday, 15 March 2013

Friday Mashup

Good day everyone, so it's Friday at last and the weekend is only hours away which can only be a good thing.  Today's post will be a bit of a mashup of what I have been working on since Wednesday and what I have been reading online regarding news and rumours this week and anything else that has popped up on my auspex.

First of all let’s see what I have been working on, my Imperial Guard army is comprised entirely of veterans as I demand BS4 in order to get anything done and for an extra 20pts per unit I think it is worth it, sure I don't have the flexibility of the platoons but it’s a sacrifice I have lived with for many years now. 

Many of you do extremely well with a normal Guardsmen BS3 but I  rely on actually being able to shoot straight, normal Guard armies take three of everything in order to get any one job done as one unit will die the second will miss the target and the third will do the business.

I have never really used Grenade Launchers, I know they are considered a main stay for a Guard army but I have just never really gotten into them, but times change and I spent Wednesday evening pulling the arms off 8 spare Guardsmen’s I had in the loft and sticking some eBay'ed Grenade Launchers on them.

Four will go in each of my two Company Command Squads.

Not to deviate from the Guard topic for a few more minutes I have been invited to a few smaller points multi players games so I wont really have the points to blow on toys for my units so I needed to get another 6 riflemen painted up again from the spares just in case I need to drop my special weapon guys. 

I know vets can take three special weapons per unit as well as a heavy weapon but I rarely have the points for such over indulgences.  My Veterans are mostly used as ablative wounds for a Lascannon but with the 6th Edition changes to rapid fire accurate Lasguns are now more effective, so Thursday evening was mostly spent finishing painting 6 more Guardsman’s, they were already green with their bases done so it did not take me long.

If you take a look at my Guard Army on Parade post you can get an idea of what I run in a 2K force, there are people that I know who say Veterans should be dropped or moved out of troops in the next codex but I hope they stay just the way they are.  

Now for a change of flavour, I have been looking for some allies to join an Imperial Guard force of roughly 1500pts so I decided to get a "small allied contingent" of Dark Angels.

I was given the opportunity to get my hands on some Dark Angels from the Dark Vengeance starter set so I bought a copy of the codex and went to work choosing what I wanted.  What I needed was some more scoring units that could remain static for the most part and lend some serious anti infantry fire while at the same time bring a little more backbone than the Guard if the enemy got all up in my face.

I went with the following:

Librarian - Bolt Pistol, Force Sword, Psychic Hood, Power Armour
Command Squad - Plasma Gun x2, Banner of Devastation
Tactical Squad - Boltguns x9, Plasma Gun x1
Tactical Squad - Boltguns x9, Plasma Gun x1

I had these guys built (not glued or cleaned up) about 30mins after I finished the Guard riflemen, these Marines are so cool I would like to see all Marines snap fit.

In an ideal world I would go online and order a unit of Marines then click customise, then like on the Domino's site I would pick my topping/chapter markings, they would then be produced packaged and shipped to me at an inflated cost.


So the rumour mill is alive with the news that Tau are to be the next race to get a 6th Edition codex followed closely by Eldar.  We are now also seeing information about Orks coming after Eldar and that Imperial Guard and Tyranids may also be in the play testing phases along with Chaos Space Marines.

I think we will see Tyranids after Orks but imo Imperial Guard are involved with all the play testing purely because Imperial Guard are a very popular allied force and could become even more so if Tyranids get Genestealer cults in the form of Guard allies. 

 As for Chaos Space Marines they are the first true 6th edition codex against which all other should be judged to ensure balance moving forwards.

I expect to see leaked pictures from this months White Dwarf start to surface some time during the week commencing March 25th and though I have less than no interest in these fishboyz I would at least like to see a few shiny new models.

Coincidence? I think not, good old Black Library throwing out a runour confirmation via the medium of a book release :)

After enjoying Battle Of The Fang and then meeting its author Chris Wraight in person and finding him to be a thoroughly agreeable fellow I was very glad to see that he has returned to Fenris to tell another tale about everyone’s favourite space Vikings in Blood Of Asaheim.  I bought it for my Kindle in Ebook format and will get right into it once I have finished Betrayer, seriously though Battle Of The Fang is a wicked read.

Right then y'all have a good weekend and I will post again next week.

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