Friday, 8 March 2013

Dreadfleet - Shadewraith....I get a little off topic

Greetings Internet and welcome, It's been a relaxing week on the painting front I've been getting on with my Dreadfleet ships and managed to finish the Shadewraith and have nearly finished the sails on the Bloodyreaver.

On the 40K front I did airbrush a Macragge Blue basecoat on my three new Hyperios Air Defence Platforms so I will put up a post on those when they are finished next week some time. 

While I was using the airbrush however I realised that I was sick of using my cheap £25 airbrush and if I am brutally honest it is terrible and was only meant to give me a feel for using one and blast the occasional base coat down range.  It was time to get a new airbrush, something that will let me run the larger pigment paints like the Citadel base colours just as well as the pre thinned paints from other popular brands while giving me the flexibility to go from wide to fine work quickly.

After hearing the name Badger so often banded around on the state-side podcasts I got searching and came up with the Badger 105 Patriot which is American made by the way, despite being a Brit that just made me want to respond with a big HELL YEAH! I think I've been watching too much Man Vs Food.

Anyway this thing is meant to be the bomb in the hands of a noob or a pro, check out this youtube review that shows it in action 105 Patriot.

I picked it up for about £90 on eBay with a few quid for postage so I think next week will be loads of fun getting to grips with my PATRIOT! oh there I go again..............anyway check out the sail boat pictures and I will get back to you all next week.

I undercoated the main ship in white and the base went in another pile for a black undercoat.
I then gave the whole of the ship a wash in Biel-Tan Green shade and let it dry the main ship was not finished.

The base was first painted in Macragge Blue, then I dry brushed in Altdorf Guard Blue followed by Calgar Blue and finally a very light brushing of White Scar.  The whole base was now washed in a shade mix of equal parts Nuln Oil, Drakenhof Nightshade and Biel-Tan Green.

Check back soon for pictures of the Bloodyreaver and my Hyperios platforms.

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  1. The ship looks awesome - hard to believe it looks so good but is one of the easiest ones to paint!