Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Dreadfleet - Flaming Scimitar

Hello internet readers, I have been riding on the back of the leaked Tau picture this week while I have been working on a few things, one of those things was the Flaming Scimitar.   I needed this ship finished ready for the 3rd book mission along with the Black Kraken and Grimnirs Thunder so they will be painted next.

 I Started with the sails so I could get them out of the way early, they were given a white undercoat followed by a basecoat of Kislev Flesh I then worked on the rasied details with a fine detail brush until finished.  I then painted the masts in Mournfang Brown and the flag in Kislev Flesh.  Once everything was dry I added a Seraphim Sepia shade and called it a day.

 I painted the flaming elemental in Averland Sun followed by a coat of Bloodletter glaze, I then drybrushed on a a little more Averland Sun and finished it all off with a layer of gloss varnish.

The air elemental was given a white undercoat, I then worked in a little shading using Fenrisian Grey followed by a drybrush layer of Ceramite White.

The main hull was mostly done using Mournfang Brown for the decking, Balthasa Gold for virtually everything else and then Maggaroth Purple highlighted with Xereus Purple.  I added a shade layer of Agrax Earthshade to the gold and brown areas then when everything was dry I added a small amount of highlighting to the gold using Gehenna's Gold and Ironbreaker.

The base was first painted in Macragge Blue, then I dry brushed in Altdorf Guard Blue followed by Calgar Blue and finally a very light drybrushing of White Scar.  The whole base was now washed in a shade mix of equal parts Nuln Oil, Drakenhof Nightshade and Biel-Tan Green and then given a coat of gloss varnish once it was all dry.

I am starting to get my Space Wolves army painted while i work on the Dreadfleet ships so you can expect to see the work in progress picture as I go, I am starting by getting all my drop pods finished first so check back soon.

If anymore leaked pictures turn up I will post them for all you Fish-boy fans to see.

Later peeps.

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