Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Dreadfleet - Bloody Reaver

Hello everyone, I am happy to say that I have as planned finished painting my Bloody Reaver ship, It's all down hill form here because all the other ships are smalled and less detailed but just less in quantity.  Next I am going to work through the remaining ships with sails starting with the Flaming Scimitar then followed by the Seadrake and Swordfish.

So I started out painting the sails 1st, they had been undercoated in white so I added a Druchii Violet shade to help define the details, then I worked around the details with a 0 size brush with Naggaroth Night then moved up a few sizes and filled int he red oh the sails.  I then when back to the 0 and had a tidy up of the white before adding a small amount of highlights here and there in Xereus Purple before finishing the masts.

It was now time to move onto the main ship, I painted it in its component parts using the following paints.

The mountainous areas were done in Mechanicus Standard with a shade of with Nuln Oil and highlighted with Dawnstone.

The purple details like the prow and the details on the castle were done in  Naggaroth Night with a Nuln Oil shade and highlighted in Xereus Purple.

Mephiston Red was used for some of the ships hull.

Zandri Dust was the obvious chose for the bone details like the Sea Serpent figurehead and the giant spikes, I added Agrax Earthshade then highlighted in Ushabti Bone.

I used Steel Legion Drab for the dusty looking path that leads up to the castle, I used a little Agrax Earthshade before cleaning it up and adding an edge dry brush of Zandra Dust.

All the woodwork was painted in Mournfang Brown with again Agrax Earthshade and highlighted in Steel Legion Drab.

The base was first painted in Macragge Blue, then I dry brushed in Altdorf Guard Blue followed by Calgar Blue and finally a very light brushing of White Scar.  The whole base was now washed in a shade mix of equal parts Nuln Oil, Drakenhof Nightshade and Biel-Tan Green.
Well I hope that helps you if you are planning to paint your Bloody Reaver, lets take a look at some pictures.

I have a few things on the go at the moment, I have already made a start on the Flaming Scimitar and I plan to get my Hyperios Platforms photographed and posted tomorrow.

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