Monday, 4 March 2013

A Nice Change Of Pace - Dreadfleets Heldenhammer

Hey everyone, I am continuing my change of pace by picking up a project I started a year ago in the form of Dreadfleet.  I painted all the scenery, templates and the measuring tool as soon as I bought Dreadfleet but other painting commitments got in the way of me starting the ships until now.

I had a root round online to find some good reference pictures to work from and found a really great gallery of picture on the Buy Pained site.  I figured that this standard of painting for within my ability and I wanted to get the two flag ships done first starting with the Heldenhammer.

The level of detail on these models is amazing and if I am honest the Heldenhammer did have me a bit intimidated as the fine detail on the sails was not like anything I had painted before in 40k.

I opted to undercoat the main hull of the Heldenhammer in Black and the masts and sails in while, I then starting with the sails and dropped a few layers of Bloodletter red glaze to give me a bit of a base and define the raised details.

I then Blocked out the raised details using a mix of Averland Sunset and Yriel Yellow then the rest of the sails in Mephiston Red, it was at this point I was very glad to have my new Windsor & Newton Series 7 size - 0 brush, this made things a whole lot easier.

Once I was sure all the base colours were tidy I painted on a little Agrax Earthshade shade around the boarders between the red and yellow and added a little more to the creases in the sails.  After the shade was dry I did a bit of a tidy up on the red and added a layer of pure Yriel Yellow to the details and used Ceramite White on the other details that required it.

When working with white I like to use as fewer layers as possible as it always seems to show the brush strokes beyond the first few layers and adding the white right at the end saved on multiple unwanted tidy ups.

The hull was painted in Mephiston Red with the Castling in Mechanicus Standard I used Balthasar Gold for the Gilding and Leadbelcher on all the cannons and Anchors.  The decking and the masts were done in Mournfang Brown, and I later decided to add a layer of Dawnstone to all of the castling baring the tiled roof sections.

I then painted Nuln Oil shade onto the castling and the Leadbelchers details before then used my old friend Argax Earthshade on the rest of the model.  Once all the shades were dry I just did a tidy up on the red and added a little Gehenna's Gold to the Gilding. I was now time for a blast of matt varnish before I moved onto the base.

The base was first painted in Macragge Blue, then I dry brushed in Altdorf Guard Blue followed by Calgar Blue and finally a very light brushing of White Scar.  The whole base was now washed in a shade mix of equal parts Nuln Oil, Drakenhof Nightshade and Biel-Tan Green.

Once the base was dry I added some gloss varnish and after a bit of last minute construction it was picture time.

It's all down hill from here, more updates to come soon.

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