Monday, 11 February 2013

Welcome Future Readers

Hi to everyone, I use the word everyone loosely for now as this is my first post EVER!

I have loads of material all racked up in the launch tubes ready to go and will aim to get two or three updates out a week while I find my feet.

This blog will consist mainly of hobby workbench updates as well as articles covering new releases, tactics and product reviews.

As a rule I try not to get too involved in rumours but if something looks credible I may cover it.

On the subject of credible rumours I have had 16/02/2013 confirmed 1st hand as the  release date for the new Warhammer 40K  Death From The Skies  Compendium.  This has been a long time coming as the rumoured summer of flyers came and went without incident.
I will be picking up one of these bad boys and will do a full content and unit review as soon as I can.

The word on the street is that this will be a 72 page full colour softback containing the rules for the following units.

Stormraven (now availible to Codex Space Marines and Black Templars)
Storm Talon Gunship
Valkyrie & Vendetta
Ork Dakka Jet, Burna and Blitza Bommers
Necron Night Scythe and Doom Scythe
Dark Eldar Razorwing and Void Raven Bommer
 whether or not any of these will see update to their rules remains to be seen but I would hope so as it would help justify the cost.

It is worth noting that is wont be availible to pre-order and will only be on sale while stocks last so I guess I will be sitting up online waiting for it to drop on the GW site at mid-night on the 15th of Feb.

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