Monday, 25 February 2013

Thunder, Thunder, Thunderhawk Gunship HO!

Hey everyone, I have spent over a year working on my Thunderhawk on and off and when I decided I wanted to include it in the Narrative game on Saturday I went all out to get it finished in time.  I Literally managed to finish it the night before the big game, I have dug up some old pictures I took last March when I was building it and I apologies for the rug that features in most of these pictures :)

On the plus side the new pictures I took before everyone turned up on Saturday look great so please bear with me.  

To say I was some what overwhelmed by the amount of bit this model came in would be an understatement, I forget exactly how many but it was a hell of a lot and I spent the best part of a week washing and straightening everything.

I was quite hopeful at this point in the built as everything was going very well the wings and the power section of the fuselage just needed super glue and some green stuff to insure a good strong bond.

I painted the interior of the cargo bay and cockpit before I glued the upper section in place, the upper section was very harder to line up right and getting it to lock down exactly right was a nightmare and needed quite a lot of Green Stuff to fill in the joins. 

I wanted everything that might ever break off to break away using magnets for example the tailplane, the front stabiliser fins, Lascannon X-Wings, Cockpit canopy and of cause the main weapon as I always use the Turbo Laser Destructor but you never know the cannon might be needed one day.

I was going to add my Forgeworld Land Raider doors but they would not fit no matter what I did so I opted instead to use the doors supplied and make a cast of the Forgeworld details in resin and add them.

Finally it was almost finished, all it needed now was its landing gear, it spent most of its time sitting on a big yellow car washing sponge so I did not damage the details on the underside. 

Once the landing gear had been attached I taped up the door surrounds, cockpit and assault ramp and gave it all a Chaos Black undercoat, I think I used a whole can of the stuff. 

Here is a great close up that I took this weekend, you can see the weathering streaking up the front from the searing heat of constant atmospheric re-entry.

This shot shows the scale of the Thunderhawk against the Stromraven, both are docked at the Zone Mortalis space station.

Again the Stormravan is dwarfed in this shot.

Here you can see the chapter details on starboard door.

This is a cool angle showing the engines and the weathering at the rear.

The weathering on the wings makes this model look like its moving even at a standstill.

I do have a 10" flying base that I have not yet finished dressing up with craters and ruins but the Thunderhawk sits atop a half inch acrylic rod.  There is a hole in the underside that leads to a compartment filled with expanding foam that hold a brass tube in place that creates a secure mount.

I will try to add a picture of the base when its finished as its a bit rough looking right now :)

You might now be thinking about getting a Thunderhawk Gunship of your own and to you I would say if you think you can do it justice go for it as you won't be disappointed.  Its an amazing model that will amaze your fellow hobbyists as well as those who have no idea what it is.

Sure its £399 or $602.93 but if like me you have a birthday that's close enough to Christmas that you can spread the cost or you just have money to burn why not take the plunge.

If you need any advise please add a comment and I will try to help but if you go to the Facebook page of The Independent Characters you can see some cool pictures of  Carl Tuttle's Thunderhawk taking shape.

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