Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Stormraven Gunship Painted On The Frame - Part 1

Good morning everyone, well as promised I am back with some pictures of my Crimson Fist Stormraven all painted up on the frames.  I have painted a Stormraven once before for a friend who plays Grey Knights but this one is all mine and will replace my Land Raider whenever I need a bit more ZOOM with my BOOM!. 

I found it quite an ungainly shaped model when I last painted one, fully built it was hard to manoeuvre around without causing damage to the previously painted areas from having to hold it so this time I decided to airbrush the base colours and paint the rest manually but leave it all on the frame.

I found painting on a flat plain like this was very easy, I could take it down into the living room and watch TV with it on a tray and hold onto the frame which greatly reduced the chances of me damaging any painted areas.

I clipped off a load of bits that I was not going to use like the chapter iconography on this frame so I could concentrate of what needed painting.

I painted the main fuselage and wings in Citadel Macragge Blue, I don't use Kantor Blue as I think it's too dark and all the bear metal in Leadbelcher, the Aquila were done using Balthasar Gold then the pilot with Mephiston Red.

Once all the base colours were dry I dropped a Nuln Oil shade/wash over all the bear metal areas and painted Agrax Earthshade into all the recesses of the blue areas and around the rivets and Aquila's, I think I also used Agrax Earthshade on the pilot before his highlights went on, man I really do get through a lot of that stuff.

So finally it was time to start clipping it all off the frames very carefully, as you can see in this picture I did add some detail to the control panels and view screens inside so it was not just a black void in there, I did after all leave the front ramp able to open just for coolness factor.

As I added a new component I smoothed off the small bear areas where it was attached to the frame with a very, very fine glass paper which some of you might know as wet and dry.  Once I was sure all the glue was dry I painted the bear areas to match their surroundings and let that dry fully before moving to the next stage of construction.

It was about 2:30AM by this time and I had been working for about 2 hours, I will say construction is a slow carful process when the model is already 99.9 percent painted but it will be so cool when it rolls off the line fully painted.  I decided at this point to call it a night and go to bed but before I did I gave it a quick blast of Citadel Purity Seal matt varnish.

I plan to cast some resin Crimson Fist icions and add them to the side doors and will likely end up making the doors able to be swapped out to the Hurricane Bolters so I had better get the magnets out.

I will get what remains of the construction finished tonight and will post some more pictures tomorrow in part 2 so be sure to stop by and take a look.

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