Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Product Review - AB500 Portable Spray Booth

Like so many other hobbyist out there I have recently started using an airbrush, I have mostly been using it for base coating whole armies in a fraction of the time a manual brush allows.  I am now branching out into the Vallejo Model Air paints range for the purpose of some commission work and maybe a new Eldar army if and new codex turns up this year.

So with the increased use of the Airbrush I needed to increase the ventilation so I was not breathing in paint for hours on end.  Putting my personal health aside for a moment the thing that annoyed me the most about using the Airbrush was that over time those little wayward particles of paints find their way onto everything.  I used a pressure somewhere between 15 and 20psi  and over time I was finding a thin layer of dried paint on top of everything near where I use my Airbrush.  I could not let this continue so I bit the bullet and went online to find a solution and let’s face it these days if someone has thought of a problem there will be a thing out there to solve it.

After a much shorter time than expected I found my solution on Amazon in the form of the AB500 Portable Spray Booth for £75 along with some very encouraging reviews.  It was available on Amazon Prime so within 24ish hours it had arrived and I was fighting my way into the box eager to get it all setup and tested.

When I got it out of the box I was very impressed by its compact design, basically you get what you see here, the unit in its pre-transformed state and an instruction book that shows you the different stages of transformation.

Closer inspection revealed that the power cable was tucked away in a compartment at the right hand side of the unit, and better still it pulls out and is then drawn back in using a large red button on the top much like a vacuum cleaner would, a very slick feature I thought.

Here are the specs for those of you who like this sort of thing, while powered up I found it no louder than my old work PC when it’s under load, and certainly no louder than my compressor so not really an issue.

It has a large internal fan that draws air from inside of the booth and puts it through a large blue filter before expelling it from the rear of the unit via what looks to be about an 80mm PC case fan.

Anyway here it is fully transformed, the process is easy and only takes a few mins and when you get it all open you find that hidden inside is a turn table for standing your models on while you spray, everything is hinged so you just unfold it then all the panels lock together easily.  You can then position a lamp over the top as the panels while not being entirely transparent do let a good deal of light into the booth.

I figured I would show the size and capacity of the booth fully transformed by sticking something huge in it so out came the Stompa, I think it could easily accommodate most large models that are out there as well as the batch painting of large numbers of infantry.

I used this booth to spray my new Stormraven blue while it was still on the frames and just like it says on the box it stopped any fumes and paint from escaping into the atmosphere and I did not have any problems with blue boogers like I did after spraying my Thunderhawk :)

To sum up I will be giving this product a 5 star rating on Amazon, the price is not bad at all for what you get and the design is brilliant allowing for easy portability and storage.

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