Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Imperial Guard On Parade

Hello again everyone, I was rooting through my Imperial Guard case the other night making sure I have my 2000pts force ready for my coming Narrative event, so I figured I would put them on parade as it seems to have become very much the done thing these days :)

This army conforms to the 6th edition ethos of the all-comers hybrid list with six units of Veterans with Flamer and Lascannon and a Company Command Squad also sporting a Lascannon.  The infantry are joined by the usual mix of support units with the Leman Russ squadron supplying the standard issue big guns.  A Vendetta was a no brainer but wait I hear you say "WTF are Rough Riders doing in there?".

I was watching the movie War Horse and before it was even over I was online looking for 3rd party bits to knock up a squad of Cadian Mounties for fluffy reasons and ended up at Victoria Miniatures, if you have not been there trust me it's an Imperial Guard players proverbial candy shop.

The Cadian Mounties

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