Thursday, 21 February 2013

Hobby Factoid - Removing Super Glue From Canopy's

Good morning all, I did not quite have time it finish my Stormraven last night so I will be posting again later tonight but in the mean time I thought I would offer an interesting solution to a hobby problem.

So once upon a time many, many years ago I was introduced to scale models by my father via the gate way drug that is Air-fix.  I was tutored in the fine motor skills and techniques needed to construct and paint such iconic war birds as the Spitfire and the more recent Harrier Jump Jet but one thing grew to become the bane of me and would haunt me right through to the present day................................OH NO, I GOT SUPER GLUE ON THE FREAKING CANOPY!!!!!!!

Yes for years I would come to place the final part on a model that until that point was looking great and oops I would get a big super glue fingerprint on the canopy or worst use too much super glue and despite having attached it perfectly the glue fumes now locked within cockpit would cloud the canopy from inside.  It became such a problem that I just painted all the canopy's in my old mechanised Eldar army silver from the inside.

I was very happy when aircraft started to show up in 40K as everyone loves model aeroplanes but there was always that niggling feeling that I always mess up my canopy's but at the same time I wanted my Vendetta and all my Marine aircraft canopy’s to remain transparent so I could paint the internal details.

So far I have managed to keep my cool and my Vendetta and Storm Talon are perfect with no problems attaching their canopy's but last night I slipped while I was working on the Stormraven and got superglue on the canopy.

I have to say I was about to go on eBay and pay through the nose for a replacement but I found myself online looking for a way to remove the glue and polish it back to its former glory.  After about ten minutes I found a few tips that were meant for removing the scratches from headlamp covers and the pictures looked promising, it literally went from completely opaque to clear with just a  little elbow grease.

Firstly I had to gently rub the affected area with some wet super fine glass paper, now this is where it gets scary because that will make the area completely opaque, then I washed it with detergent and dried it fully before using a soft cloth to apply brass cleaner or Brasso directly to the canopy.  You then spend about 15mins in my case polishing in little circles over and over until you can start to see through the plastic again.  Once you think you are done you wash it again and give it a quick buff with a clean cloth or your T-shirt and bingo I had a canopy even clearer than it was when I first opened the box.

Needless to say I was super careful when attaching it and everything was fine.

Well I hope that helps some of you as much as it has helped me check back later to see the results for your self.

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