Thursday, 25 August 2016

Battle Report - Horus Heresy Zone Mortalis

Hey there peeps, this post has sat gathering dust for a month or more now but finally finished writing it so I could remain good to my word and post it up as I had promised.

I spent a few weeks painting up a new five man Tactical Support Squad for each Legion in the lead up to this game and you can see the pictures here.  Below you can see the army list that I provided for each player, they are all mirrored so the onus really was on the player to use their army well in order to win.

Praetor – Cataphractii Armour, Combi Bolter (choose), Paragon Blade, Master Crafted.

Catacphractii Terminator Squad – Power Sword x1, Frag Assault Launcher x1, Power Axes x3, Chainfist x1.
Contemptor Dreadnought – Kheres Pattern Assault Cannon, Power Fist, Heavy Flamer.

Tactical Support Squad – Artificer Armour x1, Plasma Gun x5, Bolt Pistols x5.
Tactical Squad - Artificer Armour x1, Power Sword x1, Boltguns x10, Bolt Pistols x10.
Tactical Squad - Artificer Armour x1, Power Sword x1, Boltguns x10, Bolt Pistols x10.

Heavy Support Squad - Artificer Armour x1, Lascannon x5, Bolt Pistols x5.

The Imperial Fists.

The Iron Hands.

The Emperors Children.

The Death Guard.


The mission was a straight kill points game with a few modifications to ensure everyone moved as much as possible and made the most use of all of the battle space. 

Slay The Warlord – This objective was awarded once per Warlord slain so could be scored twice per side.
First Blood - As usual the first player to destroy an enemy unit scores a single victory point.
Last Laugh -  To balance first blood this awards one victory point to the player who destroys the last unit before the game ends.
Line Breaker - I changed this so it awarded one victory point for each unit that ended the game fully within the enemy deployment zone.

Jus to mix things up I added three of the new Cargo Containers and we used the GW rules for what they contained but if a six was rolled the container would become an objective marker rather than provide a one shot orbital strike.

Unlike a normal Zone Mortalis game where you divide your force in half and start with one half on the table and the other in reserves we started with everything on the table within a 12” deployment zone rather than the usual 6”.

Right, on with the game.

When setup was complete we had the Imperial Fist opposite the Emperors Children and my Iron Hands across from the Death Guard, If memory serves the Loyalists won the toss and moved off first.

Not a great deal happened in the first few turns, everyone just moved forward with a view to wiping out the enemy vanguard and punching through to the end zone. With the mix of  units that we each had it was important to choose your match-ups wisely as none of us wanted to give up any units needlessly.

The Imperial Fists take up position and prepare for a long protracted and blood battle for control of the cargo bay.

The implacable advance of the Death Guard begins.

Eventually it became time to get stuck in and see where the chips fell, the Imperial Fists and Emperors Children (below) became locked in a furious fire fight in the cargo bay and each inch of progress was paid for in blood.  On the left flank (above) my Iron Hands Contemptor Dreadnought had made a rush for a forward position but a run roll came up short and he suffered a shaken result.  One of my Tactical Squad seen on the above image moved up to the half way mark while the other hung back to support the Contemptor.  My Plasma Squad moved ahead of my Terminators who held a position where they could offer support to my own forces or those of my ally should the need arise.

With hardly any room to maneuver and no way to escape the battle for the cargo bay would see heavy losses on both sides.

Plasma Vs Terminators Armour "yes please".

Try as the might the Imperial Fist Heavy Weapons could not bring down the Emperors Children Contemptor.

Eventually the Imperial Fists began to make some progress and held the mid-field and this seemed to spur the Emperiors Children into mounting an assault.

My Contemptor eventually awoke from being shaken and chased off the Death Guard Tactical Squad who had tried to overwhelm his position, they fell back and were mercilessly dispatched by my Plasma Gun Squad.

My Terminators received a call for help from the Imperial Fists and moved towards the right flank to assist.

The Death Guard Tactical Support Squad had managed to sneak right past my guns and get into my deployment zone.

My Terminators managed to catch the Death Guard Terminators before they could outflank the Imperial Fists and after some great dice rolling on my part not a single Death Guard Terminators was left alive.

My Heavy Support Squad was destroyed by the Death Guard Plasma guns in short order.

The blood shed was constant in the cargo bay as the rate of attrition started to lean in favor of the Imperial Fists, both Contemptors went toe to toe in an epic battle which saw the Emperors Children Contemptor destroyed.  With their Terminators fleeing and the arrival of Iron Hands reinforcements the Emperors Children had been broken.  The Iron Hands had successfully managed to push through into the Death Guard deployment zone with two beleaguered units while the Death Guard managed to sneak through two of their own into mine.

The pictures tailed off towards the close of the game as they generally do as everyone is far too busy chasing those last desperate victory points so lets get a breakdown of the final scores for each player.

Iron Hands:
1st Blood
Line Breaker x2
Kill Points x4
Total = 7

Imperial Fists:
Slay The Warlord x2
Line Breaker x2
Kill Points x4
Total = 8

Emperors Children:
Slay The Warlord x1
Kill Points x3
Total = 4

Death Guard:
Line Breaker x2
Kill Points x4
Total = 6

So with a final score of 15 to 10 the Loyalists manage to secure a win of over the Traitors, and balance returns to this small corner of the galaxy if only for a short time.

Well that's all for now folks, check back soon for another update.

Thursday, 18 August 2016

Workbench Progress - Murderfang The Curse Born

Hello again, I am still working away in the back ground all be it at a greatly reduced rate given the time of year.  This week I managed to get loads done with regards to my Space Wolves, I have reorganized everyone into a Wolf Claw Strike Force with The Blackmanes at its core.  I have the options to go heavy on Drop Pods with up to ten in total and only the Wolf Scouts deploying on foot or throw in some Thunderwolf Cavalry instead of Wolf Guard to mix things up.  I am using the Wolfkin and or Murderfang as my Auxiliary options and I have up to three Rune Priests for a Wyrdstorm Brotherhood.  On top of all this I have re-based all my existing models on 32mm bases then went on to convert all my Grey Hunters who had a Boltgun and Chainsword modelled on them into  Bloodclaws and then I built forty new Grey Hunters (seen below) and yes I am batch painting all forty at once.

I have been doing some play testing on the "down low" so here is a rare image (below) of me playing with an army that is not only mostly un-painted but in places it's only partially built, SHAME!, SHAME!, SHAME!

In the above image I am fielding the 1750pts ten Drop Pod army as listed below.

The Blackmanes

Wolf Guard Battle Leader - Runic Armour, Thunder Hammer, Storm Shield.

Wolf Guard x5 - Combi Melta x5, Drop Pod.

Blodclaws x9 - Power Fist x1, Flamer x1, Drop Pod.
Blodclaws x10 - Power Fist x1, Flamer x1, Drop Pod.
Blodclaws x10 - Power Fist x1, Flamer x1, Drop Pod.

Grey Hunters x10 - Meltagun x2, Drop Pod.
Grey Hunters x10 - Meltagun x2, Drop Pod.
Grey Hunters x10 - Meltagun x2, Drop Pod.
Grey Hunters x10 - Meltagun x2, Drop Pod.

Long Fangs x5 - Missile Launchers x4, Drop Pod.

Wolf Scouts x5 - Boltguns x4, Flamer x1.

The Curse Born

Murderfang - Drop Pod.

So I think we can all agree that I have a whole bunch of work to be getting on with so here is a picture of my recently painted Murderfang to keep you ocupied until my next update.

So pretty cool yeah? well check back soon for an update on my Space Wolves progress.

Sunday, 24 July 2016

Workbench Progress - Munitorum Armoured Containers

Hey there, I am back with another workbench update.  I have spent the last few weeks painting four new Zone Mortalis tiles and single full set of the Munitorum Armoured Containers.  I needed this lot done in time for a big four player Zone Mortalis game that I was hosting which I will try to post some picture of this week, hell I will put some in this post to show these Containers on the table top.

I went with the classic grey for the containers using Mechanicus Standard Grey and Dawnstone.

My Wolf Scouts are back for scale purposes showing that this set has a lot of cover potential.

I used Citadel Air Castellan Green for the crates and Balthasar Gold for the Aquila.

For the barrels I went with Citadel Air again but this time I used Khorne Red with Balthasar Gold Aquila.

Mixed in with my Spartan Games cargo set I had more than enough cargo to bulk out the table.

The Imperial Fist and Emperors's Children players seemed to have fun fighting around these new models and from three containers we ended up rolling two Xenos Creatures and one Archeotech Ammunition.

Well thats all for now, as the British summer time seems to have finally arrived my painting has slowed a little in preference of outdoor pursuits, but I am now so close to finishing my Wulfen and Murderfang that I expect to be posting them up shortly so please do check back soon.

Sunday, 3 July 2016

Workbench Progress - Legion Tactical Support Squads

Hey there, it's been a busy few weeks for me trying to get this lot finished and I am very glad to be able to show them off today.  I have a big team Zone Mortalis game coming up soon using all four of my Horus Heresy Legions and I wanted to get a new unit painted for each of the Legions and a Tactical Support Squad seemed like a good idea.  I  decided on Plasma Guns for now (magnetised of cause) so I can paint up some legion specific special weapons for future games.  I am starting to get more proficient with my new lighting rig so the quality of my pictures has been improving steadily and I am very, very pleased with how today's photos came out.

If you would like to see some pictures of these legions on the tabletop then check out this link and be sure to check back over the next few weeks for the Zone Mortalis battle report.