Tuesday, 12 February 2019

Workbench Progress - Space Wolves Intercessors

Hey there, it seemed like these three Packs of Intercessors would never be finished but after a year of interruptions they are now done.  I have three packs of five with a magnetised at the wrist close combat weapon option on the three pack leaders (late arrival Power Fist no included).  No sooner had these models been finished GW went and announced their new box release Shadowspear.  This set seems to include a bunch of Chaos stuff and some new Primaris troop options (if the shoulder icons are to be believed).  These new troops take the form of the Primaris Vanguard Marines along side the Eliminator Snipers and a new Librarian in this lighter Reiver armour type.  There will likely be more Primaris models announced soon along with images of the Vanguard models because right now the two sides seem mismatched in favour of the Chaos force.

Anyway I have finally got my bloody Intercessors painted so please enjoy the pictures below.

Well thats all for now, please check back soon and please include any comments in the comments section down below and hopefully I will be back soon with another update.

Monday, 28 January 2019

Workbench Progress - Captain-General Trajann Valoris

Hey there, I have been able to step up my hobby game in the last month or so which will enable me to get a few posts out over the next month which will be cool. 

In light of the Chapter Approved 2018 providing a 65 point reduction to Trajann Valoris I thought it  was about time I painted him up and finished my Custodes Battalion.  I bought this model on release day but I never felt able to field him due to him costing a ridiculous 250 points, sure he is a powerful unit but 250 points is a big ask in an army that is already tight on points.  I had plans to use the model as a standard Shield Captain but I am very happy I can now use him as himself.

Stats wise this model is basically a Custodes Chapter Master and imo comparatively powerful on the table top as the new Marneus Calgar which makes him a real force multiplier.

I will try to get some images out of the entire 2000 points Custodes Battalion soon but I have almost finished painted my Space Wolves Primaris force so it might get bumped.  I must have about 1300 points of Space Wolves and only a Wolf Lord and a Battle Leader left to paint.

Well thats all for now, please check back soon and please include any comments in the comments section down below and hopefully I will be back soon with another update.

Tuesday, 2 October 2018

Workbench Progress - Imperial Knights House Raven

Hey there, I am glad to be back with another quick progress update and this time its Imperial Knight themed.  I have been working on two Armigers Warglaives on and off for a while now and they are finally finished and ready to provide much needed support for my older Questoris Pattern Knight.

So it turns out my decision to side with Mars and House Raven has really paid off, there was no way of knowing that my penchant for chevrons would one day yield such returns as Machine Spirit Resurgent and Order of Companions and the ability to run and gun with devastating efficiency.

With its mask removed you can clearly see my Knight's true nature, a warrior god who's true loyalty is to the red planet.

All tooled up for battle these knight look great on the table top as they race around smashing enemy armour and monsters with their Melta weapons and Chain-Blades.

I am using these models along side a Custodes Outrider Detachment and a Cadian Battalion Detachment.

I have made sure that the arms and carapace can still be removed so I can change out the weapons should I feel like getting some of the Armiger Autocannons.

Well thats all for now, please check back soon and include any comments in the comments section down below and hopefully I will be back soon with another update.

Thursday, 20 September 2018

Workbench Progress - Custodes

Hey there, the chaos at my place continues to deny me a real hobby space but I have been slowly getting things done and had set my sights on finishing a Custodes Outrider detachment and in doing so complete all of my Custodes models.

I already had 10 Custodes painted from The Burning Of Prospero boxed game and had recently added another 5 mixing in some parts from the newer Wardens kit for some diversity.

With three squads I now have a good base for fielding a Battalion if I paint one more Shield Captain, maybe on foot this time.

I have magnetised all the Lance arms on and made sure to give all the "squad leaders" the same lance posing arm.

I used helmet-less heads for what would have been squad leaders back in the previous editions.

As Outrider detachments go this is one of the fastest and most powerful.

All of the regular Vertus Praetors have the same lance arm type which enables them to hold it straight up right or forwards parallel to the jetbikes.

I have drilled out and green-stuffed the whole where the flight stand goes so I don't have to glue them in and risk them breaking.

The addition of a Primaris Reiver head really made this Shield Captain stand out amongst the rest of his golden brothers.

The Shield Captain has a third lance arm type that nobody else as another way of  making him look a little more unique.

And because everyone says you must have one of these guys I went and painted one up.

Well sadly thats all for now, please check back soon and include any comments in the comments section down below and hopefully I will be back soon with another update.

Monday, 14 May 2018

Workbench Progress - Space Wolves Inceptors

Hey there internet, If you have been reading this blog for the last 6 months you might know that I am in the middle of a full-on house renovation and that hobby space has been in very short supply. 

I am glad to say that I am finally back in my office/hobby space, sure it ain't pretty and I am surrounded by tools and my "desk" is a very temporary construction but I can now close the door and get on with things.

So without further ado lets take a look at the Inceptors.

When considering the the amount of firepower these guys can throw out it was a no-brainer that I needed to include some in my new Space Wolves army.

I went with a full squad of six so I had the option to combat squad them upon arrival into two squads of three.

I opted to have my Inceptors coming into land because I did not see those fragile plastic flight stands lasting as they must be glued on rather than being removable.

I constructed the legs, torso and head and then attached this partly built model to its base, I then built the Jump Pack and weapon equipped arms separately so they could be painted and then attached.

There is basically three builds in the box, one facing forwards with both weapons outstretched then one oriented left and another to the right.

The Jump Packs are a way more complex build than the traditional Assault Marine packs and in retrospect I wish I had cut off the tabs and make the Grav-fins and bit more dynamically positioned.

I may paint the right hand shoulder pad to match my Skyclaws as they are replacing them in the fast attack slot but I am sure people will cry heresy as the Inceptors are not Bloodclaws. 

I added the same knee pad details as with my previous Primaris models with runes and the distinct Pack Leader markings.

The old style/scale Space Marines remind me of a kid wearing its Dads armour,  I will be glad when all the older scale models have been phased out.

As cool as these models turned out looking and as powerful as they are on the table top I hated every minute that I spent painting them.  Don't get me wrong they are really nice sculpts and there was nothing wrong with the models them selves that made them a nightmare.  The problem was me, the Inceptors are big-ass models and not like anything I have ever painted previously.  The Jump Packs take almost as long to paint as I would spend on a normal small Space Marine, I did start to get a rhythm going after the first three were done but I never really started to enjoy the act of painting them.

But hell! they are done and I am super happy with how they turned out, and now I can move onto the Intercessors so I have some new troops.

Well thats all for now, if you want to take a look at my other Primaris units please follow the link below and as ever please check back soon and include any comments in the comments section down below and hopefully I will be back soon with another update.

Intercessor Pack Leaders