Tuesday, 2 October 2018

Workbench Progress - Imperial Knights House Raven

Hey there, I am glad to be back with another quick progress update and this time its Imperial Knight themed.  I have been working on two Armigers Warglaives on and off for a while now and they are finally finished and ready to provide much needed support for my older Questoris Pattern Knight.

So it turns out my decision to side with Mars and House Raven has really paid off, there was no way of knowing that my penchant for chevrons would one day yield such returns as Machine Spirit Resurgent and Order of Companions and the ability to run and gun with devastating efficiency.

With its mask removed you can clearly see my Knight's true nature, a warrior god who's true loyalty is to the red planet.

All tooled up for battle these knight look great on the table top as they race around smashing enemy armour and monsters with their Melta weapons and Chain-Blades.

I am using these models along side a Custodes Outrider Detachment and a Cadian Battalion Detachment.

I have made sure that the arms and carapace can still be removed so I can change out the weapons should I feel like getting some of the Armiger Autocannons.

Well thats all for now, please check back soon and include any comments in the comments section down below and hopefully I will be back soon with another update.

Thursday, 20 September 2018

Workbench Progress - Custodes

Hey there, the chaos at my place continues to deny me a real hobby space but I have been slowly getting things done and had set my sights on finishing a Custodes Outrider detachment and in doing so complete all of my Custodes models.

I already had 10 Custodes painted from The Burning Of Prospero boxed game and had recently added another 5 mixing in some parts from the newer Wardens kit for some diversity.

With three squads I now have a good base for fielding a Battalion if I paint one more Shield Captain, maybe on foot this time.

I have magnetised all the Lance arms on and made sure to give all the "squad leaders" the same lance posing arm.

I used helmet-less heads for what would have been squad leaders back in the previous editions.

As Outrider detachments go this is one of the fastest and most powerful.

All of the regular Vertus Praetors have the same lance arm type which enables them to hold it straight up right or forwards parallel to the jetbikes.

I have drilled out and green-stuffed the whole where the flight stand goes so I don't have to glue them in and risk them breaking.

The addition of a Primaris Reiver head really made this Shield Captain stand out amongst the rest of his golden brothers.

The Shield Captain has a third lance arm type that nobody else as another way of  making him look a little more unique.

And because everyone says you must have one of these guys I went and painted one up.

Well sadly thats all for now, please check back soon and include any comments in the comments section down below and hopefully I will be back soon with another update.

Monday, 14 May 2018

Workbench Progress - Space Wolves Inceptors

Hey there internet, If you have been reading this blog for the last 6 months you might know that I am in the middle of a full-on house renovation and that hobby space has been in very short supply. 

I am glad to say that I am finally back in my office/hobby space, sure it ain't pretty and I am surrounded by tools and my "desk" is a very temporary construction but I can now close the door and get on with things.

So without further ado lets take a look at the Inceptors.

When considering the the amount of firepower these guys can throw out it was a no-brainer that I needed to include some in my new Space Wolves army.

I went with a full squad of six so I had the option to combat squad them upon arrival into two squads of three.

I opted to have my Inceptors coming into land because I did not see those fragile plastic flight stands lasting as they must be glued on rather than being removable.

I constructed the legs, torso and head and then attached this partly built model to its base, I then built the Jump Pack and weapon equipped arms separately so they could be painted and then attached.

There is basically three builds in the box, one facing forwards with both weapons outstretched then one oriented left and another to the right.

The Jump Packs are a way more complex build than the traditional Assault Marine packs and in retrospect I wish I had cut off the tabs and make the Grav-fins and bit more dynamically positioned.

I may paint the right hand shoulder pad to match my Skyclaws as they are replacing them in the fast attack slot but I am sure people will cry heresy as the Inceptors are not Bloodclaws. 

I added the same knee pad details as with my previous Primaris models with runes and the distinct Pack Leader markings.

The old style/scale Space Marines remind me of a kid wearing its Dads armour,  I will be glad when all the older scale models have been phased out.

As cool as these models turned out looking and as powerful as they are on the table top I hated every minute that I spent painting them.  Don't get me wrong they are really nice sculpts and there was nothing wrong with the models them selves that made them a nightmare.  The problem was me, the Inceptors are big-ass models and not like anything I have ever painted previously.  The Jump Packs take almost as long to paint as I would spend on a normal small Space Marine, I did start to get a rhythm going after the first three were done but I never really started to enjoy the act of painting them.

But hell! they are done and I am super happy with how they turned out, and now I can move onto the Intercessors so I have some new troops.

Well thats all for now, if you want to take a look at my other Primaris units please follow the link below and as ever please check back soon and include any comments in the comments section down below and hopefully I will be back soon with another update.

Intercessor Pack Leaders

Tuesday, 16 January 2018

Workbench Progress - Primaris Intercessor Sergeants

Hey there everyone, I have managed to make some progress despite living in a building site at the moment so I apologies for the lull in posts over the next few months in the lead up to my new hobby room being ready.

 I opted to make a start on my already built sergeants and once I have access to my airbrush and all of my painting paraphernalia I can begin batch painting the remaining members of each squad.  

My aim with these Primaris Sergeants has been to make sure they look as dynamic as possible while pushing the Space Wolves theme with bare heads and Chainswords.

While they may be bare headed they have brought their helmets along safely mag-locked to their thighs should the need for the wearing of a helmet arise.

The Hellblasters kit provides a very useful and cool looking bionic arm and with the addition of a shoulder slung Bolt Rifle allows this model to brandish both its pistol and chainsword.

I have used the packs and pouches to maximum effect making sure for example that the empty holster has been used on the model that is holding its pistol.

While every member of the squad will have the yellow right hand knee pad the squad leaders will differ by having the black and red detailed left hand pad.

Well sadly thats all for now, if you want to take a look at my Hellblasters please follow the link here and as ever please check back soon and include any comments in the comments section down below.

Monday, 11 December 2017

Event Report - Reading Warfare 2017

Hey there, I am back with my annual report on my local Warhammer 40K singles tournament at Reading Warfare.  This year I was almost unable to attend due to some renovations we are in the middle of but thankfully the planets aligned and I was able to make it.

This year I was playing pure faction Space Wolves so I was using the Imperium Index 1 rules with no Chapter Approved updates.  This army was created as a reaction to 8th Edition and is a very different beast to anything I have fielded at this event over the previous three years.

See my full army here

My Drop Pods are gone, last year they were free thanks to the Blackmanes formation but  at the time of this event I was paying close to three times their original cost so in their place I painted up three Rhinos so my Grey Hunters have something to drive around in.  My Imperial Knight was also not in my army this year so I had plenty of points to really flesh out a balanced Space Wolves army.

Round: One
Space Wolves Vs Seige of Vraks Traitor Guard
Result: Lose

This was the same board control mission that I played last year in round two which resulted in a 20-20 draw, sadly this year things did not go nearly as well.

I was pitted up against some Forgeworld Seige of Vraks traitor Guard army with Malific Lords and all the other stuff that comes with that list.

I was not really able to get anything done during this game as my dice were stone cold and I didn't have any of my 7th edition tricks to fall back on.

With no "Outflank" on any units more powerful than scouts I did feel I was lacking in deployment options.

I had some fun fighting the stuff that I was able to make contact with including these super cool looking Khorne Berzerkers.

I did manage to chew through these Cultists several times.

As time went on the Mortal wounds were adding up and I was losing ground fast.

I think I ended the game with not a single board section within my control and hardly anything left on the table.

Round: Two
Space Wolves Vs Tau
Result: Win

When I saw I was facing Tau in round two I did think "balls" but then I read the mission and remembered it from round one last year.  All I needed to do was cover as many of the objectives as soon as possible and rely on my opponents reluctance to move.

In my first turn I jumped all my Grey Hunters packs out of their transports to help my Long Fangs hold my backfield objectives.  

I then sent the Rhinos and everyone else in fact forwards to get as many mid-field objectives.

My opponent was castled up with no real maneuverability to reclaim any objectives baring a few small deepstrike units. 

At the start of my 2nd turn I already held three quarters of the objectives and was fighting hard to wheel round my left flank and keep the pressure on.

My Long Fangs took some serious heat off the rest of my army for two or more turns which was amazing as I didn't think they posed much of a threat against this particular Tau army but hey ho.

My left flank was fully loaded and ready to push hard into the enemy deployment zone to clear out the Drone Squads.

Before long my deployment zone was clear of enemy and things were going well on the front line.

I gradually tightened my grip but not so much as to put my units in harms way.

These was a late game push on my right flank from the Tau but I only lost a few objectives and managed to contain them.

I still controlled much of the table as the game drew to a close.

I managed to shut down much of the enemy shooting without having to launch a suicide charge on the enemy stronghold.

My Venerable Dreads did some great work clearing out the Tau characters.

Round: Three
Space Wolves Vs Imperial Guard
Result: Lose

Now I was justifiably worried when I saw this army across the table with all that heavy armour and a Baneblade but at least my Long Fangs had a target if I could get the first turn.

I decided to try and just push forwards with the Dreadnoughts and using my Skyclaws and Fenrisian Wolves get as close as possible and shut down some of those guns.

I managed to get first turn and pushing everyone forwards .

My cards were not great "typically" so I just ploughed on, head down.

Despite the mission giving my Long Fangs a -2 to hit at this range they still managed to hit with 4 out of 5 shots and put a very solid 18 wounds on the Baneblade.

I was covering a lot of ground and my smoke launchers were keeping my going.

I managed to get a good drop and charge on a unit of screening Guard with my Skyclaws and then set my sights on the Baneblade.

My opponent pushed his interception units forwards to slow my advance and the melee started.

My Grey Hunters were engaged but the Dreadnoughts marked on towards the Baneblade which had managed to spend a ton of command points one per phase to restore six wounds which was annoying.

My Dreadnoughts made it into combat with the Bandeblade and managed to destroy it but my celebrations were short lived as my cards were still not looking good.

As the battle ground on I did manage to get right into the enemy Deployment Zone and shut down all of the Leman Russ tanks and even managing to close the gap on victory points but then my cards went stone cold and my opponent ran away with it.

Round: Four
Space Wolves Vs Dark Eldar
Result: Draw

I play vs an army that looks a lot like this quite often so I knew that I just need to throw myself into the fight and try to crush as much as possible while avoiding those bombers and just hope that the cards played ball.

I lined up my Fenrisian Wolves around and behind my Long Fangs so the Bombers could not get over them.

My Long Fangs were marked for death in this game and true to form they did not last beyond my 2nd turn.

My Dreadnoughts were pushed forwards in the face of this horrible lot.

I managed to use the Fenrisian Wolves several times to force the flyers to abandon key targets.

I kept on fighting the good fight and the score was even right the way through and neither of use was sure how it would end.

One of these flyers ended up getting charged by my Skyclaws before being forced to fly off the table due to overcrowding.

My Dreadnoughts took a beating but so long as they still had one wound left they were just as dangerous as ever.

Round: Five
Space Wolves Vs  Raven Guard
Result: Win

The last game of the day was thankfully one that I was sure I could win and I decided to split my army sending all my Dreadnoughts, Skyclaws, Fenrisian Wolves and Characters onto one Objective and my objective secured troops to the other with some Long Fangs support.  I had to score lightning strike without giving it up and victory was assured.

My Rhinos would make a B-line towards my opponents main force and just tie them up and try to make a play for the objective to try and interrupt one of his turns of scoring it.

Meanwhile this lot would just dig in and defend my objective vs the much smaller force that had been task with capturing it from me.

I did not get the 1st turn so I lost the initiative and my Rhinos were stuck out in the open with no smoke cover but they managed to weather the storm and hold on and not give up Lightning Strike.

There was no chance in hell of my objective being take from me and I managed to get this events version of first blood so all I needed to do was defend my objective and I would win as there was no Linebreaker and no chance of either of our Warlords being killed.

The fight for my opponents main objective was bloody as hell but yet again I forgot to use my pistols in any of the combats so lost out on a chance to tip the balance in my favour.

The battle raged on with no real ground being gained by either side.

The Grey Hunters kept on going like true warriors of old.

My Dreadnoughts made short work of anyone that made a move on my objective and before long there were not units left at all to threaten it.

Armies on Parade

I packed my army during round four and was in a rush to get down to the Toby for lunch.

Other Models Worthy of Mention

This is what my Berserkers would look like if I played Chaos, this conversion seesm like a no-brainer.

The plastic Ogryn models are wicked and this paint job really jumped out at me.

I see this army every year and this time round it included some amazingly painted air support.

Wooden Spoon Winner (44.)

3rd Place Overall (3.)

Final Scoreboard (bold is my local group)

40k final results (bracketed values are before bonus/penalty points are applied)

1. Marc Murphy 1784 (1609)
2. Louis Fitzsimmons 1520 (1395)
3. Raul Alvarez 1504 (1454)
4. Tony Berry 1475 (1375)
5. Vincent Chan 1435 (1485)
6. Tommy Slade 1382 (1357)
7. Alex Walker 1363 (1163)
8. James Beer 1348 (1198)
9. Eric Hoerger 1341 (1491)
10. Neil Morris 1331 (1256)
11. Steve Tiencken 1317 (1167)
12. Angus Patterson 1301 (1201)
13. Sid Sidhu 1277 (1277)
14. Adam Cresswell-Jeal 1219 (1169)
15. Christopher Wiggins 1215 (1165)
16. Simon Gwatkin 1206 (1056)
17. Dave Cole 1165 (1165)
18. Paulie Wallis 1127 (1202)
19. Edward Grenz 1120 (1170)
20. Freddie Dutton 1104 (979)
21. Lee Roy 1094 (944)
22. Ben Cresswell-Jeal 1079 (1279)
23. Byron Sidhu 1062 (1412)
24. Jaromir Waluszewski 1041 (841)
25. Ashley Rowe 1035 (935)
26. Jon Warmington 1021 (1171)
27. Jim Bessey 1002 (952)
28. Mike Costello 970 (970)
29. Steve Hammond 940.5 (890.5)
30. Terry Robertson 907 (807)
31. Dave Baker 890.5 (1040.5)
32. Jeremy Hill 886 (1036)
33. Ben Camp 879 (729)
34. Mike Rees 871.5 (821.5)
35. Richard Ciereszko 826 (626)
36. Mark Hewitt 815 (715)
37. Dean Garry 766 (966)
38. Jen Chapman (2 Games) 723 (523)
39. Dan Kohorn-Hill 712 (1062)
40. Jim Nundy 690 (740)
41. Carl Rushton (4 Games) 679.5 (579.5)
42. Matt Bourne 640 (740)
43. Tim McDonnell 551 (851)
44. Richard Skidmore 533 (533)
45. Spare Player (4 Games) 439 (839)
46. Rick Smith (3 Games) 431 (631)
47. Robbie Clarkson 415 (565)
48. Alex Hill 297.5 (622.5)
49. Kris Robertson 274 (1374)
50. Kade Keep (3 Games) -393 (307)

I am very happy with 16th overall and how my games went given that I had no help from Chapter Approved or Codex.  Had I been able to use the Cunning of the Wolf  stratagem I would have won at least one more game for sure.

If you would like to see the previous event reports please follow the links below and thanks for reading and please leave any comments in the comments section down below and please do check back soon for more updates.